How it works

Use ANTSAND Style's custom button styles in your web application. Add these styles in your forms, diaglogs, links, cards, etc.


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How it works
What part of your website is causing you grief?
Send in your job
We calculate the task required to complete the work
We work our magic while taking care of the headache
Explain your grief

Looking to move an image, add a testimonial, make your website load faster or update content?

List all the issues on your website that you want us to fix.

Send in your job

Email us your task list at . We will review your task and get back to you within 24 hours.

Not sure how many tasks it would take?

We calulate the number of tasks it would take to fix your website.

We will reply to you by email or give you a call on which plan option, would best suite the work needed to be done on your website.

Let us work our magic

While we wait for your payments, we will be setting up a developer to work on your task list.


At ANTSAND, we believe in best practice software development as a way to maintain your website. Whether you want to use our howitworks for one task or multiple tasks, we follow a strict checklist which ensures your website is fixed properly. This guarantees that we meet your expectations, leading you to be headache free.

Step 5
Pay for the Service
Step 6
4-16 hours Estimate
Step 7
Backup Website
Step 8
Software Development
Step 9
Test changes/ improvements
Step 10
Task Completed
Our software engineers are ready to help you with your website issues. Check how fast we reply.
No Grief
Free time