Use STYLES to create responsive websites faster.

ANTSAND STYLES help you create stunning responsive website quickly.

To get a feel of how STYLES works across multiple devices, have a look at this handy table below.

< 600px
≥ 600px
Mini Desktop
≥ 1090px
Semi Desktop
≥ 1300px
≥ 1500px
Big Desktop
≥ 1900px
Max container width None (auto) 600px 1090px 1300px 1500px 1900px
Class prefix .*-sm .*-tablet .*-minidesktop .*-semidesktop .*-desktop .*-bigdesktop
# of columns 9
Gutter width Variable
Nestable Yes
Column ordering Yes

You have the ability to size any CSS element based on a particular device or a range.

Let us say you want to create a few containers for a mobile and tablet device, but do not want to show the container between tablet and desktop and again show the container between desktop and big desktop.

With STYLES this can be easily achieved

sm sm-tablet sm-minidesktop sm-semidesktop sm-desktop sm-bigdesktop